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ANDRITZ MeWa develops and manufactures recycling machines and complete solutions for the recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), refrigerators, oil filters, household and domestic waste (RDF), used tires, and much more.

ANDRITZ MeWa has been playing a leading role in the recycling industry for almost 30 years.  It supports its customers in realizing their plans and meeting their individual requirements economically, efficiently, and accurately. The goal is to re-use the recycling material as new raw materials, like pure metals and plastics, and to substitute fuels with bioenergy.

The ANDRITZ MeWa machine range consists of special different units that perform specific tasks in the complete recycling process: primary shredding, secondary shredding, and fine granulation, as well as breaking up of material composites and also making recyclable material accessible at the same time. All recycling machines are characterized by their flexibility, efficiency, and reliability, processing the input material to obtain pure, valuable substances, all at a high throughput.

ANDRITZ MeWa recycling plants: profitable, efficient, and reliable

The ANDRITZ MeWa plant range offers recycling solutions for a wide variety of applications: Electronic and electrical waste, refrigerators, cable scrap, aluminum scrap, automotive parts like oil filters, motor blocks and tires, as well as domestic and industrial waste. All materials contain valuable parts, e.g. copper, aluminum and iron, which become available again and can be sold as secondary raw materials when processed properly.


Electrical and electronic waste

Examples: Household appliances, consumer electronics, office appliances such as printers, copy machines

Result: PC boards, cables, transformers, capacitors, aluminum, copper, iron and stainless steel

Short description:
In a single-step process the recyclable material composites are broken-up and sorted 
into clean fractions.

Key components:
QZ cross-flow shredder

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Examples: Refrigerators, freezers with CFC/pentane

Result: Aluminum, copper, iron, plastics

Short description:
Can reclaim 99.9% of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases

Key components:
QZ cross-flow shredder

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Result: copper, aluminum, lead, plastics

Key advantages: very high metal purity can be achieved. (e.g. almost 100% for copper)

Key equipment: CC, UG, and USM

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Rubber granulate from used tires


Result: Tire shreds, rubber granulate, rubber powder, steel wires, textile fluff

Key advantages: pure rubber granulate and powder, almost entirely free of steel and textiles

Key equipment: CC, UG, and USM

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Oil filter plant

Result: oil, ferrous, non-ferrous, paper, rubber, plastic

Key advantages: pure fractions, ferrous fraction almost oil-free

Key equipment: UG granulator

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Examples: Kitchen and restaurant waste, packaged food, organic waste, manure

Key advantage: Substrate treatment results in faster gas formation and higher gas yield, thus improving economic efficiency.

Key equipment: Bio-QZ cross-flow shredder

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