All types of e-scrap can be treated in ANDRITZ MeWa recycling plants.

Recycling solutions for electrical and electronic scrap

ANDRITZ MeWa offers individually tailored plant solutions meeting all the requirements of the European WEEE Directive for every type of electrical and electronic waste. With the Universal Cross-flow shredder QZ, ANDRITZ MeWa has developed a particularly effective and environmentally friendly technology, which has led the way throughout Europe for recovery of recyclable materials and removing the hazardous substances.

The Universal cross-flow shredder QZ as the center of the e-scrap recycling plant breaks the input material up gently. As a result, the material composites are broken down into individual components. Batteries and capacitors remain intact, keeping the material flow clean and uncontaminated. Directly after processing in the QZ, approximately 80% of the input material can be sorted manually, automatically, or opto-electronically, and is then available directly for onward sale.

ANDRITZ e-scrap - WEEE Recycling Plants

All types of e-scrap can be treated in ANDRITZ MeWa recycling plants.

All types of e-scrap can be treated in ANDRITZ MeWa recycling plants.

Flexible chains inside the Universal Cross-flow shredder QZ

The ANDRITZ MeWa Universal Cross-flow shredder QZ ensures a gentle and fast disintegration of material composites.

Input material examples

  • Home appliances
  • Computers
  • Photocopying machines
  • Fax machines
  • Cell phones

Process steps in the e-scrap recycling plant

Throughput of the plant: 2-15 t/h (depends on the size of the machine and the material mix)


  • Printed circuit boards
  • Transformers
  • Capacitors
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastics

Benefits (in comparison with cutting systems)

  • Wide range 
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    ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technologies

    ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technologies

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