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Automation Solutions - Optimized solutions for your plants

ANDRITZ AUTOMATION makes every effort to save energy and costs when improving the productivity of your machines.

We work in four key service areas (Simulation, Electrical and controls, Operator training, Optimization) in providing solutions that have helped industrial facilities around the world to maximize output, minimize costs, optimize operations, and release the full potential of their operations.


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Advanced automation solutions


IDEAS is a leading dynamic simulator for industrial operations, helping customers to save time, money, and resources. IDEAS is more than just a cutting-edge simulation tool. It is supported by a team of development engineers and process experts who have years of hands-on experience gathered at operations around the world. Our global, industry-specific experience means that we understand your issues and can provide you with efficient solutions.


BrainWave builds its own live models during normal plant operations, BrainWave’s predictive controller accurately forecasts process responses and handles multiple objectives. BrainWave integrates easily with an existing control system. In addition, the patented Laguerre technology means an average implementation time of just a few weeks, saving a remarkable amount in operating costs. Best of all, your own staff can support and deploy BrainWave, making it a technology that you can live with – and one you can’t afford to live without.


Real-time contaminants, stickes, dirt, ink, shives, and fiber morphology detection is used in the paper-to-paper production process, continuously informing the operator of particle count, particle size, total particle area, and trend curves. Dirt specks are classified automatically using TAPPI size or other international standards. Protect your storage tank and stock preparation circuits against dirt contamination. PulpVision can help us to produce highest quality pulp, with lowest variability and lowest production costs.

Machine control room 

Machine control room 

Optimization of process performance (OPP)

OPP performs big data collection and analysis in order to increase process stability and reduce the energy or chemical cost, resulting in savings in the long term for our customers.

Automation control system


Specific control system for drive engineering with contiguous control elements; DCS technology including high-end drive engineering; individually selected hardware.


The DCS is the overall control system. References available from minimum ranges beginning at 1,000 IOs up to larger control systems (>10.000 IOs).


Fast and individually tailored control system for ANDRITZ processes. The MCS is a contiguous control system, especially for fast processes with high complexity. Performance upgrade by substituting hydraulic components with servo-electrical applications.


Comprehensive ANDRITZ AUTOMATION solution for MCS and average DCS plants. Cost-efficient control system including individually selected hardware components and operating panels.

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