ANDRITZ (China) Ltd., headquarters, Foshan

ANDRITZ in China

Local manufacturing

ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. applies highest standards throughout its operations, e.g. in planning, engineering, manufacturing, subcontracting, assembly, shipping, site installation, and start-up support. This ensures that our customers receive products of the highest quality on time and at the agreed upon cost.

Quality throughout all processes

The quality management (QM) team of ANDRITZ China is dedicated to ensuring that the products and services supplied to our customers comply with all requirements and specifications. QM uses tools like e.g. Lean Six Sigma or SRCA to continuously improve processes and performance in order to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction.

Investing in people

ANDRITZ China offers its employees a broad variety of vocational training and further education in order to support the development of personal and professional potentials. This focuses on the further development and the broadening of specialist knowledge, personal development, language skills, computer literacy, as well as project management.

R&D in China

ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. has introduced advanced equipment and manufacturing technology as well as focusing on technology R&D and innovation. The annual R&D cost takes up more than 3% of annual revenue. Guangdong High energy efficiency pumps engineering center was established and later on the separation equipment testing lab, pulp lab and new product testing platform had been set up as well. Over the past three year (2014 – 2016), 81 items of R&D projects have been initiated. Patents were applied for 38 projects and 35 projects were granted. As of October 2017, ANDRITZ China has owned 8 invention patents. It has been granted as High-tech enterprise since 2009 and recognized as “Guangdong High Energy Efficiency Pumps Engineering Center” and “Enterprise Technology Center of Foshan”.

The cornerstones of our continued success are globalization, continuous organic growth combined with complementary acquisitions, great technological innovative power, and customer orientation.

Contact list

Headquarters:  +86 (757) 8296 9222

Pulp and Paper:

· Paper & Tissue 

+86 (757) 8230 8594

· Pulp & Power

+86 (757) 8202 3530

· Paper service

+86 (757) 8258 6951

· Pulp Service

+86 (757) 8526 2720

· Panelboard

+86 (01) 8526 2720

· Fiber and Recycling

+86 (757) 8230 8594

Separation: +86 (757) 8258 6802

Feed and Biofuel: +86 (21) 5774 5781, +86 (757) 8258 6987

Hydropower: +86 (10) 6561 3388

Pumps: +86 (757) 6663 3101

Metals, Clean Air Technologies +86 (21) 3108 9388

Nonwoven & Textile: +86 (510) 8536 1269

Automation and Digitalization: +86 (757) 8258 6711


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