Package food / bio waste after Bio-QZ treatment

Biomass recycling solution

ANDRITZ MeWa has developed its own technology to process packaged food, organic waste, or fuel crops in the best way possible for the fermentation process in biogas plants.

The patented Bio-QZ removes packaging material and breaks down the cell structure of the substrates, thereby providing the bacterial strains with a substantially larger contact surface. This accelerates and intensifies gas formation measurably. Thus, the duration of the overall process is greatly reduced, while the efficiency of the biogas plant can be increased by more than 30%.

Package food / bio waste after Bio-QZ treatment

Package food / bio waste after Bio-QZ treatment

ADuro QZ shredder for bio-waste processing


No matter whether it is processing organic waste from packaged food, slaughterhouse and catering waste, or energy crops like corn and grass silage, rye whole crop silage or corn-cob mix, the Bio-QZ‘s versatility is what makes it so valuable. The Bio-QZ treats grass clippings, which are otherwise difficult to handle, as well as cow, horse, and poultry manure quickly and effectively. Flexible tools inside the machine produce a homogeneous substrate that has a positive effect on many important factors in a biogas facility. If the Bio-QZ is used, the gas formation and fermentation times are shorter, the overall gas yield in the fermenters higher, and the economic efficiency of the entire plant is enhanced. Any foreign objects present, such as packaging, are detached from the organic material and removed easily in the next stage.

ANDRITZ MeWa offers the complete process chain, from supply of the input material, to its disintegration, to feeding it to the fermenter. The individual process stages can be controlled through a common interface or included in the plant‘s overall electronic control system. In this case, the system is adapted to the individual circumstances for each plant. Existing biogas plants can also be upgraded easily with a Bio-QZ for more efficient use of gas potential.

Input material examples

  • Organic waste
  • Renewable resources
  • Horse manure
  • Packaged food

Throughput of the plant: 2-18 to/h (depends on the size of the machine and on the material mixture and operating mode)

Key advantages

  • High throughputs
  • Wide range of different materials
  • Much shorter dwell time in the fermenter
  • Higher gas yield due to faster gas formation
  • Packaging removed from organic material, making subsequent separation easier
  • More stable processes with stirring times halved
  • Homogeneous substrate suitable for pumping
  • Scum layers dissolve more quickly
  • Insensitive to metal parts and stones
  • Low wear due to operating principle without knives
  • Benefits for co-fermenters and renewable energy plants
  • Use of all proven dry and liquid feed systems
  • Easy to install in existing plants
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    ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technologies

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