Recycling solutions for cables

For many years, ANDRITZ MeWa has been supplying complete recycling lines for all kinds of scrap cable. The metals in these cables – copper, aluminum, lead, and iron – are a rich source for recycling.

Using pre-shredding, granulation, and fine granulation systems as well as modules for sorting and separation of the raw materials, ANDRITZ MeWa plants reclaim the individual metals with purity levels of almost one hundred percent. Cable recycling will not only secure valuable resources, it also saves huge amounts of energy.


See a pulp and paper rejects recycling plant in action!

Key equipment Universal Cable Cut

Result examples: copper


  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Plastics

Key features

  • Pre-shredding adjusted to the type of cable (household cables, cable scrap, underground cables, etc.)
  • Output fractions according to customized grain size
  • Separation of valuable resources (especially copper and aluminum)
  • High degree of purity and recovery rate in output fractions
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    ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technologies

    ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technologies

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    Flexible and reliable fine-shredding

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