Rubber granulate from used tires

Recycling solutions for tires

ANDRITZ MeWa has also shown a pioneering spirit in the processing of scrap tires. The guiding principle for worn, used tires and the waste from manufacturers’production processes is the same – recycling instead of incineration. The secondary raw materials obtained go back directly into new tires or other products.

The objective of tire recycling is to break down the used tires into their individual components – rubber, steel wire, and textiles. ANDRITZ MeWa plants recover the raw materials in a multi-stage recycling process that achieves highest levels of purity.

  • Pre-shredding: Universal rotary shear UC: Shreds the tires into hand-sized pieces (70-100 mm)
  • Granulating: Universal granulator UG: Granulates the pre-shredded tires to granules measuring 8-10 mm
  • Fine granulating: Universal cutting mill USM: Granulating to a size of < 4 mm
  • Fine milling to produce rubber powder
  • Separation/cleaning after every granulation step

ANDRITZ tire recycling plants

Rubber granulate from used tires

Rubber granulate from used tires

Throughput of the plant: 3-20 t/h (depends on the size of the machine and the material mix)


  • Tire shreds
  • Rubber granulate
  • Rubber powder
  • Steel wire
  • Textile fluff


  • Applied process know-how from ANDRITZ ensures minimized operating costs with highly efficient process equipment
  • Single customer interface – entire system, all sub-processes and components from one source
  • Modular system designs allow tailor-made solutions for the specific waste streams
  • Highest cutting performance and capacity of the shredders
  • Extremely wear-resistant rotor, blade blocks, and blades
  • Adjustable parameters for influencing the output quality and size
  • Clean output fractions
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    ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technologies

    ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technologies

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