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Industry competence brochures

Mining & Minerals

Key application brochures

Coal - Separation to the finestDownload
Separation expertise for your success in iron oreDownload
Process expertise for sustainable municipal wastewater solutionsDownload
The right ingredients for your success in the dairy industryDownload
Separation expertise for your success in potashDownload

Service folder

A world of service

Mechanical separation systems

Girapac and Girasieve Rotating Drum ScreensDownload
ANDRITZ Sidebar and Overhead Filter Presses
Krauss-Maffei dynamic crossflow filter DCFDownload
Krauss-Maffei dynamic crossflow filter DCF for wineDownload
Decanter centrifuge D
Decanter centrifuge DUDownload
Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge SZDownload
Krauss-Maffei vertical centrifuge VZUDownload
Krauss-Maffei gypsum centrifuge VZU-GDownload
ANDRITZ CENSOR centrifugeDownload
Power drain gravity belt thickenerDownload
PowerDrum, drum thickeners for sludge thickeningDownload
F-type decanterDownload
Separators for the dairy industryDownload
ArtBREW, the craft beer clarifierDownload
ANDRITZ belt press CPF-QDownload
STARDISC – the vacuum disc filtersDownload
PUREVO - the pharma centrifugeDownload

Thermal systems

ANDRITZ helix dryerDownload
Contact drum dryer brochureDownload
Drum flakerDownload
Paddle dryerDownload
Baby/infant food processing linesDownload
Drum dried milk powderDownload
Starch modificationDownload
Yeast dryingDownload
Mill sifterDownload
Sludge dryingDownload
Sludge treatment for cement factoriesDownload
Starch dextrinizationDownload
Fluidized bed drying and cooling for food and feedDownload
Fluidized bed drying and cooling for polymers and plasticsDownload
Fluidized bed drying and cooling for the soda ash industry
Fluidized bed drying and cooling for technical salts and mineralsDownload
Fluidized bed spray granulation directly from liquid to granulesDownload