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In many of the world’s most important industries, separation is vital to sustainable growth.

With the right solution, food producers can continuously improve their products while reducing waste. Cities can save energy and conserve millions of cubic meters of water. Mining companies can efficiently boost throughput to meet fast-changing global demands. And chemical manufacturers can optimize for absolute product purity. When it comes to the separation technologies and services that maximize the value of your most precious resources, no one has broader capabilities than ANDRITZ SEPARATION.



Challenging municipal budgets. Water shortages. A need for renewable energy. Today, there’s simply no room for waste. Getting the most efficient separation is essential, not just to profitability, but also to ensuring sustainable growth.

Applications: industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, desalination and potable water, biomass production, organic waste

Based on our process expertise, we have successfully delivered more than 10,000 references in the environment sector and are adding as many as 500 new references per year. Our industry-leading portfolio includes dewatering, thickening, and drying technologies, as well as screening and ancillary solutions. So whatever your specific needs, we can always supply the best solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater, potable water, biomass, and organic waste applications.


Food & Beverages

Better taste? With more than 100 years’ experience in the food industry, serving everyone from multinationals to smaller family operations, we can promise you one thing: your goals come first.

Applications: starch, beer and beverage, vegetable oil, vegetable and animal protein, dairy

Cheese or chocolate. Palm oil or wine. Presses, centrifuges, filters, screens, or drying systems. The applications may vary, but the need for reliable, efficient, and hygienic ways to improve product quality remains the same. This is why hundreds of food and beverage customers – from the largest multinationals to the smallest family companies – have turned to ANDRITZ.



Are you looking to boost output for growing markets? Need to lower operating costs with an automation system that’s ahead of the curve? How can you ensure your next product innovation is error-free? And how will you guarantee 24/7 production?

Applications: agrochemicals and fertilizers, petrochemicals and polymers, soda ash and technical salts, speciality chemicals, pharama and bio-chemicals

In terms of product purity and plant safety, chemical manufacturers are among our most demanding customers. These strict process requirements and specific chemical characteristics drive our technology selections to give you the optimal filters, presses, centrifuges, decanters, purifiers, concentrators, drying/cooling, and automation systems for your needs. Need a more tailored solution? Our own test and pilot facilities are available to help.


Mining and minerals

Need to boost ore throughput? Improve your separation of precious minerals? Whatever your mineral processing needs, we help you reduce operating costs and improve quality.

Applications: potash, lithium, coal, tailings, base metals

We have earned a reputation among many leading mining and mineral processors for providing the world’s highest-capacity dewatering technologies, with the lowest possible operating costs. For others, it’s a matter of minimizing wastewater from tailings in remote deserts or ensuring the ideal residual moisture for their final products. Whatever the challenge, our wide range of solutions for potash, coal, tailings, metal mining, and more ensures that we can always meet your requirements.

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