ANDRITZ acquires parts of Air Quality Control System (AQCS) business from GE Steam Power


International technology group ANDRITZ has signed an agreement with GE Steam Power to acquire parts of their Air Quality Control System (AQCS) technology, including the technology center in Växjö, Sweden.

Closing of the transaction was reached on 1st of July 2021.

ANDRITZ takes over the product portfolio for industrial dedusting (electrostatic precipitators - ESP, fabric filters (FF) and wet ESP), dry/semi-dry flue gas treatment, and industrial scrubbing, including condensation scrubbers and low-temperature heat recovery solutions. The acquisition also includes the AQCS main location in Växjö, Sweden, as well as employees involved in this business in Sweden and Finland. ANDRITZ acquires the respective intellectual property (IP), including patents, references, and trademarks, for global use with some exceptions. For parts, upgrade & service business in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the USA, and Canada as well as for FGD products in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka GE Steam Power will continue business as a licensee of ANDRITZ.

The dedusting portfolio acquired – especially the ESP and FF technologies – completes ANDRITZ’s air pollution control capabilities in the important pulp, metals, mining, and power markets.

ANDRITZ is now able to offer ESPs and Switch-Integrated Rectifier (SIR) technology from a single source, thus gaining access to service and maintenance business for an installed base of more than 2000 plants.


ANDRITZ Recovery Boiler and 5 chamber-ESP under construction