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ANDRITZ Clean air technologies is a global supplier of systems for flue gas cleaning solutions worldwide.

Clean air is the basis of a healthy life. Air pollution causes discomfort or harm to people and living organisms. It is our mission to prevent air pollution from power generation and industrial processes.

Maintaining the energy efficiency of your processes, complying with the strictest licensing procedures, and developing tailor-made solutions for your plant are the cornerstones of ANDRITZ's approach.


REAplus scrubber


ANDRITZ Clean air technologies is a leading global supplier of innovative systems for flue gas cleaning solutions, supplying Wet Limestone FGD; Seawater FGD; Circulating Dry Scrubbers (Turbo CDS); and DeNOx-systems. Our product range combines many years of experience with the specific knowledge gained from hundreds of installations around the world.

According to the new emission standard on air pollutants in China for thermal power plants, all FGD plants shall reach the dust emission value <30 mg/Nm³, SO2 <100 mg/Nm³, and NO2 <100 mg/Nm³. In key areas like the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta, the limits are even lower at <5-20 mg/Nm³ for dust and 35-50 mg/Nm³ for SO2.

To achieve these low values, ANDRITZ Clean air technologies developed FGDplus, the optimized mass transfer upgrade for improved SOx, dust, and aerosol removal.

New technology: FGDplus

The drivers for process development in the field of flue gas cleaning technologies are not limited to more stringent, country-specific emission limits. There are also other drivers, such as optimization of removal efficiency and reduction of power consumption by the flue gas cleaning plant. Another determining factor is the need to minimize the maintenance effort over the entire lifecycle of a flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD plant).

A new type of FGD technology based on the proven ANDRITZ limestone wash technology meets these new requirements. The FGDplus technology from ANDRITZ is based on an optimized “tracked mass transfer” within the scrubber. With this system, an optimized combination of different absorption regimes leads to improved SOx, dust, and aerosol removal, which helps to improve the efficiency of any system installed. These advantages are outstanding, especially in high sulfur applications.

Existing open spray tower scrubbers can be retrofitted easily to a new level of performance with this innovation, where the design is optimized to suit the requirements on site. Their influence on the existing design of the scrubber sump and the recirculation system is minor. Short project execution periods and short implementation time (approximately 1 month) will also favor the FGDplus system.

A very robust, reliable FGD system was introduced with the FGDplus design. Based on long-term investigations on lab and pilot scale, and especially with an industrial-sized pilot plant at a lignite-fired power plant in Germany, a novel design was found. Our reference plants currently running in Germany and China (Taiyuan power plant, Nanjing power plant) show a clear advantage over comparable designs on the market.

Dry flue gas cleaning plant, Moerdijk, The Netherlands


Key Features:

  • Easy to implement and update existing systems
  • Short implementation time
  • Robust design, completely resistant to blocking
  • Minimized operation and maintenance costs
  • Designed for optimized SOx, dust, and aerosol removal
  • Optimized combination of favorable mass transfer regimes from inlet to outlet of absorber


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