ANDRITZ belt press CPF-Q

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  • Aqua-Screen fine screens
  • Belt Presses
  • C-Press
  • Heavy Duty Belt Press CPF-Q
  • Powerdrum (PDR) Drum Thickeners

Aqua-Screen fine screens

Screening with efficiency.
ANDRITZ fine screen technologies feature a wealth of benefits to meet the most demanding needs of our customers. The ANDRITZ Aqua-Screen fine screen, specially designed for handling municipal or industrial wastewater streams, ensures optimum separation of suspended solids from the water influent, thus supporting enhanced performance and operation of the downstream wastewater treatment process.


ANDRITZ Aqua-Screen fine screen, specially designed for handling municipal or industrial wastewater streams


Your Benefits

The ANDRITZ Aqua-Screen fine screen uses standardized and common frame parts. This design provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Reduced number of different spare parts
  • Operator-friendly adjustments with improved access door
  • Pop-out/pop-in modular design for screen racks and panels (less than 30 minutes for complete replacement of filter element)
  • Automatic detection of wear on supporting rail (on XL T version only)
  • Automatic detection of drive chain tensioning (on XL version only)

Belt Presses

ANDRITZ revolutionizes the world of dewatering with its range of belt presses dedicated to the environment industry. Engineered with the operator in mind, our low-profile design provides modular flexibility, quality design, and low maintenance, without compromising on performance. ANDRITZ belt presses are ideal where highest dry solids and throughput capacity are required, and they are the most advanced belt filter press on the market today.

Low-profile ANDRITZ belt press

Camber wedge and low profile for ease of maintenance


Your Benefits

  • Significant cost savings and best operator safety (low energy requirement, reduced polymer consumption, ease of maintenance, increased hydraulic capacity)
  • Smaller machine footprint and ease of access for the operator (low-profile structure)
  • Perfect dewatering results thanks to continuously increasing pressure
  • Highest throughputs (up to 50% more than comparable machines from other manufacturers)
  • Lowest residual moisture of final product thanks to extended dewatering area (7, 8, or 12 S-rolls)
  • Increased flexibility thanks to modular design


The C-Press is the latest result of more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing screw presses. By combining multiple ANDRITZ Separation dewatering technologies, its uniquely compact design and purpose-developed features enable easy, operator free sludge dewatering operations together with low energy and maintenance costs.


C-Press, screw press for efficient sludge dewatering


Your benefits

  • Fully automatic machine with continuous control of performance, screw speed, counter pressure, and washing
  • Enclosed system to minimize odor emissions and ensure cleanliness
  • Very low noise emissions <60 dB(A)
  • Highest capacity on the market achieved by multi-stage dewatering zones, providing the largest open area in the thickening zone
  • Consistent performance with very low power consumption compared to other dewatering technologies
  • Dual cleaning to optimize and decrease water consumption by up to 50%, as well as continuous dewatering, even during cleaning phases
  • High capture rate thanks to basket design that is optimized with the experience of ANDRITZ in designing screw presses
  • Optimized flocculation mixing device to minimize consumption of polymer and energy
  • Easy maintenance:

    •  Minimum of operator attendance and of maintenance work

    •  Easy-access “strip design” (optional split basket design for maintenance in place fiberglass cover, etc.)

    •  Easy dismantling for fast maintenance without removing screw and basket from frame

    •  Basket constructed of two perforated plates (screen and support cage); inner screen can be changed when necessary without having toreplace the complete basket

Heavy Duty Belt Press CPF-Q

In the most challenging mining and minerals, chemical, and other applications, reliable dewatering is critical to maintaining continuous production and waste management. This is why we have put decades of expertise into our new CPF-Q (Quantum) heavy-duty belt press, once again surpassing our competitors to give you a solution with the highest throughput, lowest operating costs, and lowest required residual moisture available on the market today.

With an ANDRITZ group-wide installed base of more than 10,000 belt presses (around 1,000 of them in mineral and industrial applications), we have encountered some of the toughest dewatering challenges on the planet. In fact, ANDRITZ has been working closely with customers for more than 150 years to continuously improve the lifetime value of every machine. Our latest heavy-duty belt press is part of this evolution, setting a new standard in throughput, efficiency, and reliability.

ANDRITZ belt press CPF-Q

The ANDRITZ belt press CPF-Q delivers lower residual moisture, higher throughput, and is more flexible to changing feed conditions than any other belt press on the market.


Your Benefits

  • Highest throughputs of up to 50% more than comparable competitor machines
  • Lowest required residual moisture of final product
  • Optimized flocculant consumption (e.g. with RheoScan system)
  • Reliable non-stop operation and highest availability
  • Flexible operating parameters (e.g. belt speed and belt tension as well as filtration pressures can be adjusted acc. to process requirements)
  • Modular design, small footprint, and easy to access and maintain

PowerDrum (PDR) Drum Thickeners

With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of drum thickeners, ANDRITZ has acquired unmatched expertise in this technology. The PowerDrum (PDR) is considered to be an easy and efficient thickening solution prior to the dewatering process and can deal with biological sludge throughputs ranging from 15 to 180 m³/hr. With its simple design and small footprint, the PowerDrum is easy to install and requires little supervision and maintenance.


PowerDrum (PDR) drum thickener for sludge thickening prior to dewatering process


Your Benefits

  • Durable technology (all stainless steel design) for very low wear, and plastic bearing housing to avoid corrosion
  • Reduction in sludge volume (up to 90%) before storage or shipment
  • Intermittent or continuous self-cleaning thanks to a stainless steel spray bar with PVDF nozzles
  • Low power consumption and, consequently, low operating costs
  • Entirely closed system to avoid odour pollution, with deaeration flange
  • Low space requirement
  • Easy maintenance and fast belt removal
  • Easy to install (pre-wired); a skid design is available, making the equipment easier to install and move if necessary
  • Efficient and reliable design
  • Dedicated cover for washing ramp access, with automatic rotation of the ramp to give direct access to nozzles for inspection or cleaning
  • Additional hatches for drum inspection and cleaning