SelectaFlot SFL: key equipment in deinking flotation

ANDRITZ capabilities in recycled fiber production

We deliver complete production lines or individual components for recovered paper processing and recycled fiber production to recycle packaging grades or fibers containing ink deposits.

SelectaFlot SFL: key equipment in deinking flotation

SelectaFlot SFL: key equipment in deinking flotation

TNPL - first 3-loop deinking plant in India

All types of recycled fiber production units are available from ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ deinking systems

Bright solutions for deinking pulp

ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of complete systems for deinked pulp – from pulping to storage, including sludge and reject treatment. Extensive system know-how, years of experience in building all types of deinking plants, and a broad range of equipment provide the basis for our leading position in this field.

Benefits of ANDRITZ deinking systems

  • Minimized operating costs through very efficient equipment and components
  • Low energy consumption
  • Innovative designs to obtain the highest efficiency and reliability, and also to boost pulp quality
  • Environmentally sound processes and equipment (e.g. high reject consistencies that eliminate disposal burden and save costs)
  • High uptime and availability: Short time required for maintenance, long maintenance intervals, and minimal downtime


Processing low-grade furnishes into high-quality pulp

Industrial grade furnishes typically have more contaminants that have to be removed early in the process before they have an opportunity to disintegrate into the stock. ANDRITZ offers a range of application-matched processes and equipment for the recycling of industrial grades.

Before developing equipment for each process step, we gathered a thorough understanding of how individual equipment units must perform within the overall system. In some cases, this knowledge helped us to combine two process steps in one single unit – simplifying the arrangement and saving significant costs. Experience gathered from hundreds of installations enables us to suggest improvements and modify equipment for each new application.

Key ANDRITZ equipment in the recycled fiber system

  • Pulping system: FibreFlow drum pulper
  • Screening system: ModuScreen
  • Deinking flotation system: SFL
  • Cleaning system: AhlCleaner
  • Thickening system: Disc Filter DF
  • Dispersing system: CompaDis disperger
  • Refining system: TwinFlo TF

We know which wheels to turn to increase your profit

When operating a paper mill today in a competitive environment, continuous improvements are a must to get ahead of your competitors. ANDRITZ has a pool of experts to help you accomplish a successful rebuild.

We offer you a full range of service and equipment for your rebuild, including:

  • Mill study by technology experts
  • Lab testing: A stock testing laboratory located in China has been built up to conduct stock tests at various stages and thus provide reliable data for performance improvement, offering valuable support in start-up, commissioning, performance testing, and system optimization.
  • Expertise on rebuilds
  • Equipment: Every component is designed to work independently in a rebuild or modernization application, or integrates perfectly with other ANDRITZ machinery in a complete line as a new installation.
  • Engineering: In order to work efficiently and secure highest quality, we use our in-house engineering capabilities. ANDRITZ performs basic/detailed plant and process engineering, 3D planning, electrical and control engineering, DCS programming, and factory acceptance tests. The documentation system provides instructions for erection work, operation, and maintenance with a database, user-friendly interface, and search functions.