Chips in hand 

ANDRITZ capabilities for mechanical pulp production

While mechanical pulp has many benefits (above all yield and optical qualities), the competitiveness of mechanical fibers declines as energy costs rise. You can benefit from new ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER technologies that produce mechanical pulp of high quality, with significant reductions in energy consumption.

The challenge

The amount of electrical energy that could be saved in TMP plants around the world by using modern techniques is immense. Conservative estimates say that 70–75% of all plants are still using traditional technology. A simple 15% reduction in electrical energy consumption would save about 750 MW per annum. If they are to be effective, these energy reductions must be available for both softwood and hardwood species.

The solution

ANDRITZ has made outstanding progress in reducing the energy demand of mechanical pulping and in improving the efficiency of energy recovery. The development of chemical pre-treatment and defiberizing equipment has greatly improved the energy-to-quality ratio. ANDRITZ has developed tailor-made processes and technologies for hardwood and softwood mechanical pulping, as well as the pulping of annual fibers.

LC refiner

Single-disc refiner

The ANDRITZ technology portfolio for mechanical pulp producers comprises high-quality equipment for the main processes, whether the fiber is hardwood, softwood, or even annual plants: wood processing, fiber processing, refining, refiner plates, heat recovery, bleaching, and pulp drying, including automation systems.

Every component is designed to work independently in a rebuild or modernization application, or integrates perfectly with other ANDRITZ machinery in a complete line for new installations.

Experienced ANDRITZ project teams give you support during engineering, planning, erection, and start-up of your mill. Technical and service support is available throughout the life time of the equipment.

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ

  • Wood processing
  • ATMP
  • Washing
  • Screening
  • Bleaching
  • Pulp dewatering/drying
  • Heat recovery
  • Pumps
  • Engineered wear products
  • Automation