Stock preparation system

ANDRITZ stock preparation and paper/board machine approach systems

Systems made from high-quality, individual fiber preparation and approach components

Integrated stock preparation systems from ANDRITZ

ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of systems for stock preparation, from entry of pulp to the mill, up to the machine headbox. Extensive knowledge of the process and the stock preparation system, as well as decades of application experience allow us to offer a wide range of stock preparation process equipment. In addition, we have the installation, commissioning, and service expertise to add value to your mill over the entire lifetime of the equipment.

Stock preparation system

Stock preparation system

Stock preparation system

Paper machine approach system

Key equipment

Our engineers and specialists help to select the key components for your stock preparation system. From bale and under-machine pulping through screening, cleaning, refining, thickening, deflaking, and fiber recovery – every stock preparation process step is covered.


Minimized number of equipment items and storage volume

Low energy consumption due to improved pulping and low no-load power in refining

Highly efficient protection for refiner and deflaker plates improves overall process efficiency through short downtime and best fiber properties

Reduced maintenance costs

Optimum development of the fiber potential due to best selection of refiners for various applications

Flexible integration of thick stock

Screening and refining with the blending system

Advanced control strategy provides stable stock flow to paper machine

Reduced grade change times

Paper/board machine approach systems

Whether you produce printing and writing, packaging, or tissue grades, coated or not, you will find advanced solutions from ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ has the applications experience to help you select the key components for your approach system or can provide the complete system:

  • Deculator and cleaners
  • Headbox screens
  • Tray water receivers and flumes
  • Fiber recovery cleaners
  • Filrec system
  • Fan pumps
  • Piping and engineering


  • Completely clean approach process with polished surfaces
  • Minimized liquid volume
  • Minimized recirculation
  • Stable process – no pulsation
  • Clean stock to the headbox – no impurities
  • Complete deaeration – all flows entering the headbox are completely deaerated

Short flow concept