Panelboard production

Since production of MDF board began, ANDRITZ has influenced the panelboard industry continuously with on-going technical and technological developments and responsive services.

ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of complete front-end packages for the MDF industry, consisting of the woodyard, chip washing, and pressurized refining systems.

Front end system

Single-disc refiner

ANDRITZ designs tailor-made solutions for each customer according to the raw materials used. The systems can process wood chips, sawdust, shavings, and annual plants, such as bagasse or straw.

Extremely low energy consumption with best performance is the driving factor in the design of each individual machine in the system and the process. From the smallest to the largest (12” laboratory refiners up to installed electrical power of 30 MW or more), there is a pressurized refining system to meet customer any demands.

The trust of our customers is confirmed by more than 300 successful installations around the world. With its unique “swing-door” design, the ANDRITZ refiner is built to support continuous production, with fast plate changes and very little downtime.

The ANDRITZ panelboard team stands ready to provide a quick response to customer requirements all over the world.

Service centers staffed by highly skilled local technicians ensure customer satisfaction worldwide.