Feed and biofuel technologies range of mills

ANDRITZ multimill: Suitable for fine grinding

ANDRITZ multimill: Suitable for fine grinding

Multimill: Suitable for fine grinding

The Multimill series consists of fine-grinding hammer mills for high-capacity production of aquatic food, pet food and other fine- ground materials.

Our advantage:

  • High-capacity particle size reduction
  • Superior feed quality
  • Protection of nutritive value of feed ingredients thanks to low-temperature operation
  • Energy-saving closed rotor design

Optimill: Suitable for normal raw material grinding

The Optimill series consists of hammer mills for raw material grinding of normal to coarse-structured feed products, such as cattle, pig, and poultry feeds.

Our advantage:

  • Large screen area
  • Optimum particle size range
  • Coarse-grained particles
  • High capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced noise level
  • The patented, closed rotor design can save up to 20% in energy consumption compared to traditional rotor designs
  • Feed system for uniform screen load
Pellet mill: Efficient pelleting technology

Pellet mill: Efficient pelleting technology

Pellet mill: Efficient pelleting technology, suitable for livestock and poultry feed, aquatic products, and the biomass fuel industry

The ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel range of pellet mills consists of 2 basic transmission concepts – gear-driven transmission , the PM range – and belt-driven transmission, the PMV range. Both ranges offer very high pelleting performance, quality, and controllability.

Gear-driven transmission – the PM range

Our advantage:

  • Rigid, durable construction for a wide range of applications
  • Capacities up to 100 tph
  • Powerful, efficient, single-reduction gear transmissions capable of transferring up to 560 kW of motor power
  • High torque over a wide range of die speeds
  • Compact profile, small footprint, makes the pellet mill easy to install
  • Modular design for ease of upgrade to higher capacity
  • Comprehensive range of options

Belt-driven transmission – the PMV range

Our advantage:

  • Simplest, most rugged, most efficient pellet mill design
  • Long-term, maintenance-free operation
  • Effective feed distribution – a unique one-piece adjustable feed plough design uses fewer bolts for fast, easy adjustment
  • Taper die fit – the self-piloting effect makes changing dies fast and easy
  • Shear pin hub array – protects the shaft against damage from seizing up due to tramp metal
  • Compact profile, small footprint, and modular design

ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel Technologies, China – aftermarket

Excellent support for aquatic feed and petfood plants. Being able to supply equipment for an entire feed pellet production plant is one thing, but being able to serve customers in terms of support and supplies from nearby warehouses after installation is yet another essential ANDRITZ competence.

Spare parts

ANDRITZ provides worldwide availability of spare parts, including dies and rolls. High-quality parts and consumables offer long life and good economy in the process plant.

Service contracts, including

  • Products and support
  • Spare parts
  • Wear parts
  • Regular service
  • On-line process support
  • Process optimization
  • Renovation and improvement
  • Recommendations for spare parts stock
  • Standby service technicians
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