The challenge: More than just plastic-free and biodegradable

Get the Plexit done - new fiber combinations from natural sources and enhanced processing technology shall solve the plastic quest

Plastic-free and biodegradable products are a megatrend that the nonwovens industry cannot ignore. Pollution of the environment by plastics is one of the most pressing problems of our time. Every day, millions of hygiene products and wipes around the globe end up as waste or sewage. Most of them consist of up to 80 percent polyester or other fossil-based, non-biodegradable materials and hence pollute the environment.

Greener end products can be a decisive factor

So there can be no doubt that all companies in the value chain for nonwoven products are working to become "greener". This is especially true of ANDRITZ, which provides the technology and production lines for the manufacture of numerous nonwovens products. 

The technology for the manufacture of disposable products is a particular focus here. For years, ANDRITZ has provided Wetlace™ and spunlace solutions for production methods that result in biodegradable and water-soluble products.

An example for more plastic-reduced and plastic-free end products: ANDRITZ Wetlace technology


100% biodegradable, 0% remorse: Wipes produced on ANDRITZ Wetlace technology


Sustainablity begins with the processing technology

At ANDRITZ, however, we not only believe that our customers should increasingly focus on the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly products that they can produce with our equipment and complete lines, but that ANDRITZ technology itself should contribute towards an improved ecological balance and carbon footprint.

Conservation of materials, energy, water or other resources is an important factor in continuous improvement of the environmental balance and the reconciliation of economy with ecology.

From the wide range of technologies we have, we would like to present some examples to you that not only produce high-quality nonwoven products, but also reduce environmental pollution.

Some more examples of ANDRITZ technologies that help to save ressources: