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A selection of upgrades from the ANDRITZ arsenal of possibilities to improve productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness

In addition to the hotline, technical support and spare parts, upgrades and retrofits for ANDRITZ lines are an integral part of our service offering. We provide you with customized advice according to your needs, focused on your existing plant and other framework conditions.

In all its technology areas, ANDRITZ Nonwoven offers valuable retrofits that make customers' production more efficient, more productive, and even more ecologically sustainable – because every improvement in terms of productivity, speed and material savings through optimization of use almost always takes direct account of environmental aspects.

Our service offering even allows us to implement individual or more complex retrofits quickly and efficiently to minimize potential downtime. 

In the following, we would like to give you some suggestions as to where a retrofit makes particular sense.

Retrofits for spunlace technology

For a spunlace line, think about energy savings: ANDRITZ neXecodry, a sophisticated energy-saving system that recycles energy already used in hydroentanglement and feeds it back into the process, thus requiring less thermal energy for drying. You can find an introduction to ANDRITZ neXecodry in our flyer.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the spunlace market is looking for additional capacity, and installation of a new TT card in existing spunlace lines is appearing as a new trend. In this way, spunlace producers are able to increase their installed capacity dramatically by enhancing the characteristics of the spunlace fabrics – with no compromise between capacity and quality.

Further retrofit options for spunlace lines, e.g. injectors or dryers, can be obtained directly from our experts:

Retrofits for calender technology

Speed matters! Not only in the finishing section of the spunlaid process with our nonwoven calenders, but also in many other nonwoven processes. Speed is also a very special aspect in the spunbond process.

And, of course, nonwoven calenders can be retrofitted to achieve higher speeds. For this purpose, motors and drives, but also other elements of the machine, have to be changed. The higher throughput speeds then achieved lead to higher production capacities. Older, slower drives are often much less efficient in terms of performance and, therefore, retrofitting can also have a positive effect on the carbon footprint in terms of production capacity. Always popular with ANDRITZ calender customers are, of course, replacement linings for the rolls used. Keeping a stock of replacement linings or rolls at the customer's site considerably reduces downtimes if the replacement is needed urgently. To learn more about retrofits for nonwoven calenders, please contact our experts at

Retrofits in wetlaid technology

ANDRITZ wetlaid systems also offer numerous approaches to achieve production improvements through retrofits, whether your wetlaid system is used to produce biodegradable wipe material, glass fiber composites or filter media.

For example, after an on-site technical audit by our process experts, it may become obvious that not only the size of your equipment but also the pipe routing and process parameters are the factors limiting a future capacity increase. By providing engineering results explaining the “how-to-optimize-the-existing-line-with-little-effort” measures, we can help to increase your line efficiency without changing the overall equipment. Of course, if the audit result is simply that the equipment is undersized, we would also be happy to sell you the right equipment. Higher throughput speeds, e.g. by using more powerful pumps, can also be an aspect of retrofitting in the forming process.

For retrofits in the wetlaid sector, please also contact our experts at

Remember: ANDRITZ is always very happy to consider retrofitting non-ANDRITZ plants and machines. Our service consulting team will be pleased to take care of your requests: +33 426 700 500

Retrofits are the power feed for your plant, helping you to grow economically and making your investments profitable faster.