Sundwig MonoBlock

The next evolutionary step in the standard stainless steel cold rolling market.

Product description

The stainless steel cold rolling market is split in two competing design paradigms: The Monoblock and the split housing 20-High mill. The Monoblock is dominant in standard applications, whereas the split housing Four Column design dominates high quality production. As market pressure is further mounting particularly on standard steel mill operators, the Sundwig MonoBlock now emerges as the next evolutionary step.

Sundwig MonoBlock

Advantages of the Sundwig MonoBlock

  • Fully automatic roll change
  • Fast roll gap opening
  • Higher roll grinding range
  • Cost efficient back-up rolls and easy installation
  • Proven stability - bending and shifting performance
  • OPEX cost reduction due to high roll grinding range
  • Cost savings of 30% rolling oil and higher energy efficiency 
  • Existing back-up roll bearings can be used 

Considering these substantial technical advances, attractive economic benefits and the lack of any significant switching barrier, the Sundwig MonoBlock will be a game changer in the standard cold rolling market.