Solutions for the carbon steel industry


Reheating, forging and heat treatment, melting, and refining furnaces

On account of its long tradition and experience, ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of engineering, know-how, and process technology to the reheating, forging and heat treatment, melting, and refining of steel.


ANDRITZ is the leading supplier of pickling lines which combines the total range of technology and plants within the cold mill complex area, and further down to the value added shaped and finished products in the field of automotive, aerospace, home appliances, transport, and packing. This allows us an even better level of understanding and a quick and solution oriented approach to the needs of the current market.

Acid regeneration

The ANDRITZ spray roasting and fluid bed processes recycle hydrochloric acid with an efficiency of 99.5% for reuse in your pickling line. WAPUR is the optimum process for cleaning spent pickling acid. ECOmode, the newly developed process for HCl acid regeneration plants, represents the next big step in a series of improvements, and can not only be used for new installations, but also for existing plants.

Cold rolling

Thanks to its broad range of cold rolling mills for strip widths from 60 to 2,100 mm, ANDRITZ has been one of the preferred cold rolling technology suppliers for decades. The supply focuses on 2-high, 6-high, S6-high, 20-high rolling mills, and inline/offline skin pass mill stands.

Annealing and coating

Hot-dip galvanizing lines, continuous annealing lines, electrolytic galvanizing systems, and colour coating lines. Both the automotive and construction industries are facing strongly increasing requirements for production quality, quantity, and cost reduction. This means that production lines have to deliver ever higher product quality, less scrap, and higher production rates, while consumption of resources is to be reduced. ANDRITZ offers the solution. For hot-dip galvanizing lines and continuous annealing lines used in the manufacture of e.g. car body sheets, ANDRITZ is the single-source supplier. The heart of these systems is the furnace. ANDRITZ has created an innovative solution for controlling annealing furnaces – Advanced Furnace Control (AFC). AFC is a software product that enables better control of the heating and cooling process while providing an accurate prediction of temperatures at the same time.“


With over 300 lines worldwide for slitting, side trimming, cutting to length, and shearing, ANDRITZ is one of the market leaders in this segment. ANDRITZ has the optimum solution for all kinds of materials (high-precision cold-rolled strip, surface-sensitive stainless steel, aluminum, copper strip, or hot-rolled strip). A maximum degree of flexibility is ensured with our large range of patented solutions. Blanking lines are used by car manufacturers and/or their specialized sub-suppliers to cut car body sheets. Depending on the intended application, rectangular, trapezoidal, curved, or other special shapes can be produced with these lines. Major car manufacturers all around the world use ANDRITZ lines.


With over 8,000 automatic punching and metal forming presses worldwide, our customers produce high-quality formed and punched products. Our sheet metal forming solutions find applications in the automotive (OEMs and suppliers), white goods, electronics, electromotor lamination, construction, and consumer goods industries. Numerous well-known companies place their trust in our equipment.


With a specially developed measuring system based on the combination of gray image technology and laser triangulation, the gap and position of the laser beam accuracy is localized to +/-0.02 mm. That is 4 to 5 times more accurate than other measuring systems on the market. Thus, the lack of material caused by the shear-to-break ratio or by the tension in the sheet metal can be detected exactly.

If it is possible to compensate for the lack of material by means of a filler wire, a uniform seam profile (defined: convexity or concavity) can be achieved. With laser welding using the legendary keyhole process, ANDRITZ has achieved another technological milestone, which opened the door to outer skin tailored blanks.

Burners and refractory equiment

Industrial burners, complete heating systems, and combustion equipment

ANDRITZ is a leading supplier of industrial burners, complete heating systems, and combustion equipment for a wide range of thermal applications in industry, particularly in the steel and aluminum industries, the forging industry, and for many other low-temperature and high-temperature processes. The burner systems are designed and customized to increase furnace output and productivity and to optimize energy efficiency and product quality with minimized fuel consumption and lowest NOx emissions. The product range extends from cold and hot air burners, regenerative burner systems, radiant tube and oxygen burners, to flameless combustion, operating with almost all types of fuel.

Shape control

ANDRITZ is an experienced rolling mill manufacturer and has built flatness measurement and flatness control systems under licence from the VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI) for more than 40 years, registered under the shape:tronic system trademark. The general-purpose shape control systems are used in different kinds of rolling mills in the steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nonferrous metal industries. The latest design of the ANDRITZ Sundwig BFI shapemeter roll has a completely uniform, homogeneous surface, free of any gaps, thus avoiding damage to the strip surface and offering unlimited possibilities in roll coating. The service life of the roll surface is virtually indefinite thanks to the wear-resistant coatings used, for example tungsten carbide.