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November 2021: ANDRITZ to supply complete electro-mechanical equipment for the new Lower Kopili hydropower plant, India

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from the Assam state government-owned utility Assam Power Generation Corporation Ltd. (APGCL) to supply the complete electro-mechanical equipment for the Lower Kopili hydropower plant located on the Kopili river in central Assam, India. Start of commercial operation is scheduled for end of 2024.

Contract signing for the Lower Kopili hydropower plant


The ANDRITZ scope of supply consists of plant design and engineering, manufacture, supply, erection, testing, and commissioning of the complete electro-mechanical equipment including all five turbine-generator units for the Lower Kopili hydroelectric project. This will be the first contract that ANDRITZ has received from APGCL in the state of Assam.

Once completed, the hydropower plant will have a total installed capacity of about 120 MW based on two main units and three environmental flow units and provide 456 GWh of electricity per year. The project will provide strong support in covering the growing demand for electricity in the Indian state of Assam.


October 2021: ANDRITZ to supply electro-mechanical equipment for Robert S. Kerr hydropower plant, United States

International technology group ANDRITZ has received a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Tulsa District for the rehabilitation and upgrade of all four turbines and generators at Robert S. Kerr hydroelectric power plant, located at Arkansas River in Eastern Oklahoma adjacent to the town of Cowlington.

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The order value is close to 75 million euros. Commissioning of the first unit is expected in August 2025.

The ANDRITZ scope of supply includes the design, manufacturing, supply, transportation, erection, testing, and commissioning of four Kaplan turbine generator units with a capacity of 36.8 MW each, along with associated auxiliaries and ancillary equipment.

Once commissioned, the expected power generation will be about 152 GWh per year. By securing this prestigious contract, ANDRITZ has further consolidated its position as a leading player in the hydropower market in United States.

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September 2021: ANDRITZ to supply synchronous condensers for EnergyConnect, Australia

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from SecureEnergy, a joint venture between the Spanish company Elecnor, an energy infrastructure specialist, and the Australian engineering and construction company Clough, to supply the electro-mechanical equipment for four synchronous condenser plants in New South Wales.

Transmission line in Australia

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The first shipment of components will commence in 2022, with commissioning starting immediately afterwards.

The ANDRITZ scope of supply comprises the engineering, design, manufacture and delivery as well as technical consulting during installation and commissioning of four 120 MVA salient pole synchronous condensers, including the balance of plant equipment. All four condensers will be engineered, designed, and manufactured in Austria.

The synchronous condensers provided by ANDRITZ will by part of EnergyConnect, the new interconnector between South Australia and New South Wales. EnergyConnect is a new 900 km transmission line and will significantly increase the power transmission capacity between the two regions. In addition, it will make the electricity supply more reliable and support Australia in its transition towards renewable energies. EnergyConnect is expected to be completed by 2024.

TransGrid, the project’s developer, is the transmission network service provider in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. It owns and operates the network covering approximately 13,000 km and with more than 100 substations, which are connected to generators, distributors, and major end users.

The synchronous condenser plants are needed for reactive power management and to provide synchronous inertia.


August 2021: ANDRITZ to completely rehabilitate Kopili hydropower plant, India

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Central Government owned utility, North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd. (NEEPCO Ltd.) for the complete rehabilitation of the electro-mechanical equipment of the 200 MW Kopili hydropower plant located on the Kopili River in Dima Hasao district of Assam, India.

Hydropower plant Kopili, India


The project is expected to be finished until third quarter 2023.

ANDRITZ’s scope of supply includes detailed design and engineering, manufacture, transportation to the project site, supervision of the assembly, erection, testing as well as commissioning of the entire electro-mechanical equipment to be installed in the powerhouse of Kopili hydroelectric plant. Also included is the training of NEEPCO's personnel in design, engineering, operation, and maintenance of the plant.

The rehabilitation works will be executed by the India hydro subsidiary of ANDRITZ with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Mandideep (near Bhopal) and Prithla (near Faridabad). This contract will be the second contract from NEEPCO to ANDRITZ, the first being the supply of the complete electro-mechanical equipment for the greenfield hydropower project Pare HEP (110 MW), which was awarded in 2011.

The award of this contract further strengthens ANDRITZ’s leading position on the Indian hydropower market.


ANDRITZ Hydro and MAN Energy Solutions agree on hydrogen cooperation

International technology Group ANDRITZ and the German company MAN Energy Solutions have concluded a strategic framework agreement to jointly develop international projects for the production of green hydrogen from hydropower.

Contract signing


Frank Mette, CEO of ANDRITZ Hydro in Germany, and Dr. Uwe Lauber, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of MAN Energy Solutions, signed the agreement in Ravensburg.

A pilot project in Europe will mark the start of the collaboration. Subsequently, the companies want to jointly identify further projects and implement them in the context of the German Federal Government's H2 Global initiative. H2 Global is a market-based funding platform, which aims to efficiently promote the market launch of green hydrogen and hydrogen-based power-to-X products. For this purpose, hydrogen energy partnerships are to be established with countries with a correspondingly high potential to provide a long-term, cost-effective, and reliable green hydrogen supply to Germany and the EU.

Frank Mette: “Hydropower is one of the few completely climate-neutral forms of energy, which is capable of providing base load power. We therefore see excellent potential for worldwide expansion – in new construction projects just as much as in repowering. By adding the possibility of producing hydrogen to hydropower plants, we are taking the next step and also making the energy generated there ready for export and storage without restriction. Together with MAN Energy Solutions, we can open up new markets and opportunities for the operators.”

Uwe Lauber: “The economy of the future will be climate-neutral, and to achieve this it needs huge quantities of green hydrogen. Together with ANDRITZ Hydro, we want to make this resource available. Hydropower plants are ideal for generating hydrogen in a completely climate-neutral, reliable and cost-effective manner. With ANDRITZ Hydro, we have been able to enter into a partnership with a world leader in the field of hydraulic power generation, to develop these prospects together with us.”

The companies are aiming to launch an initial joint pilot project before the end of this year, to provide about 650 tons of green hydrogen by using an electrolysis output of up to 4 MW, initially for local use. In follow-up projects, designed for the export of hydrogen, the installed electrolysis output is expected to increase to up to 100 MW in the coming years.

Frank Mette: “MAN Energy Solutions contributes scalable and, above all, flexible electrolysis technology to this partnership, along with many years of experience in power-to-X technology and plant engineering. Together, we will tap growth markets for hydrogen in Europe and worldwide, including for the production of green hydrogen, which can then be imported by German consumers.”

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July 2021: ANDRITZ to supply new spherical valves for Dinorwig power station in North Wales, United Kingdom, one of the largest pumped storage plants in Europe

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from First Hydro Company, UK, covering a contract for the supply of six new spherical valves for the Dinorwig pumped storage plant in Llanberis, North Wales, United Kingdom. First Hydro Company is owned 75% by ENGIE and 25% by Brookfield.

Dinorwig pumped storage plant in Llanberis, North Wales, United Kingdom

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The first two valves will be installed in mid-2023, and the other four in mid-2025.

ANDRITZ's scope encompasses the design, manufacture, supply, installation, and commissioning of six spherical valves with a diameter of 2,500 millimeters and a pressure of 60 bar, including governors and the fire protection system.

With a total installed capacity of about 1,728 MW, Dinorwig is one of the largest pumped storage plants in Europe and provides balancing services including reserve and response. At peak, water flows through the turbines at 360m3 per second - the equivalent volume of a typical 25-meter length swimming pool.

The new ANDRITZ spherical valves will contribute to maintaining the overall availability of the entire plant, which has been in operation for nearly 40 years. Dinorwig plays a vital role in the safeguarding of Great Britain’s national grid.

First Hydro placed great confidence in ANDRITZ as a recognized worldwide specialist for spherical valves. ANDRITZ is proud to be part of the refurbishment project for Dinorwig power station.