ANDRITZ to supply pump turbines for the world’s largest pumped storage power station


International technology group ANDRITZ has received a contract from the state-owned Chinese energy utility company Fengning Pump Storage Co. Ltd., State Grid Xinyuan Co. Ltd. to supply two variable speed pump turbines for the new Fengning pumped storage power plant in Hebei Province, China. The contract value amounts to just under 70 million euros, and completion of the project is scheduled for 2021.

The ANDRITZ scope of supply includes two pump turbine motor generator units with variable speed and a nominal capacity of 330 MVA in generator mode and of 345 MVA in pump mode. Additionally, AC-excitation, governor, as well as protection and computer control systems will be supplied.
The Fengning pumped storage plant will be the world’s largest pumped storage power plant, equipped with 12 x 300 MW pump turbine units in one cavern. The two variable speed units will be supplied by ANDRITZ.
For ANDRITZ, this order means a re-entry into the rapidly growing Chinese pumped storage market; it is also the first order to be awarded worldwide for supply of variable speed pump turbine units to China.