ADuro QZ shredder for bio-waste processing

ANDRITZ MeWa presents new cross-flow shredder generation for biogas facilities


ANDRITZ MeWa, member of international technology Group ANDRITZ, has further developed its proven cross-flow shredder for substrate treatment in biogas facilities (Bio-QZ).

Above all, the new Bio-QZ generation features even easier maintenance.

ADuro QZ shredder for bio-waste processing

ADuro QZ shredder for bio-waste processing


ANDRITZ MeWa’s Bio-QZ is used in hundreds of European biogas facilities for processing many different input materials, such as organic waste, corn silage, grass clippings, sugar beets, cattle and horse manure, as well as packaged food that has passed its sell-by date. Flexible tools inside the machine produce a homogeneous substrate that leads to faster gas formation, shorter fermentation time, and higher gas yield overall in the fermenter. This makes the entire plant more profitable. Any foreign objects present, such as packaging, are detached from the organic material and can be removed more easily. The new Bio-QZ generation has a compact and, at the same time, stable machine design and is offered in 900mm, 1,200mm, and 1,600mm sizes.

Development work focused mainly on even easier maintenance. Besides a significant increase in the size of the maintenance port, access to the discharge, belt, and belt pulleys has been simplified. In addition, the wear plates can be replaced more easily. The new discharge geometry helps the material to pass through the machine smoothly without any blockages. The sealing system was also completely revised to give greater protection to the machine.

In addition to the classic chains for the treatment process, ANDRITZ MeWa offers many other accelerating and shredding elements for optimum substrate treatment. Depending on the input material and the desired effect, these elements are combined to provide tailored customer solutions. The elements can be upgraded further to achieve longer service life.