Order from Huanggang Chenming confirms ANDRITZʼs leading global position in continuous cooking technology suited for flexible pulp production


International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Huanggang Chenming Pulp & Paper, China, to supply the cooking plant for its greenfield pulp mill in Hubei province, China.

This is the second consecutive continuous cooking order from the Chenming Group and confirms ANDRITZ’s leading global position in continuous cooking technologies suited for production of both kraft pulp for paper grades and dissolving pulp.

ANDRITZ picture

The ANDRITZ cooking plant will feature the latest technology, meeting Huanggang Chenming’s requirement to produce both softwood kraft pulp for paper grades and dissolving pulp for textiles and industrial applications. The system includes ANDRITZ’s proven pre-hydrolysis vessel to remove most of the hemicelluloses in the wood in order to achieve extremely high pulp purity.

In addition to the cooking plant, ANDRITZ will deliver equipment for handling non-condensible gases in order to eliminate odorous emissions in the mill.

Huanggang Chenming is part of the Shandong Chenming Paper Group, one of the leading paper producers in China. The group’s annual paper production capacity is approximately six million tons and it has about 13,000 employees.