Lifecycle partner for any challenge

As a separation specialist with a successful history in the mining and minerals industry for more than five decades, ANDRITZ SEPARATION is ideally equipped not only to supply and start up equipment and systems, but also to support customers in maximizing process efficiency over the entire plant lifecycle.

References for the thickener, HBF, and filter press are available showing best practices over long-term partnerships with Chinese customers in different segments of both the mining and the mineral treatment industries in China. This makes ANDRITZ SEPARATION the right choice to solve any customer problem today and in the future. All challenges are addressed in project development and execution in close collaboration with the customer. Thus, ANDRITZ SEPARATION means long-term reliability.


The ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter HBF is the superior solution for mining applications in combination with high throughputs

Conventional thickener THK, high-rate thickener HR-THK

Thickening – Clarification – CCD circuits

Thickeners are used in various solid/liquid separation processes in order to increase the density of a process stream. Feed solids concentration is the single most important variable affecting the sedimentation properties of a given slurry.

ANDRITZ process engineering will determine the optimum percentage of feed solids for the specific application during laboratory or pilot plant test work. The optimum percentage of feed solids will ensure proper flocculation and achievement of maximum flux (t/m²/d).


  • Automatic rake lift
  • Low maintenance mechanisms
  • Thixotropic rake design
  • Auto load sensing
  • Auto dilution
  • Scum and oil removal
  • Main applications
  • Copper/cobalt, nickel, gold, uranium, coal, lead, zinc, iron ore, chrome, titanium sands, potash, industrial effluents, clarifying of underground mud

Filter press, side-bar and overhead design

Machine design

The basic components of a filter press are the frame, filter plate pack, closing device, and optional additional features. The filter press frame structure is available in two versions: the side-bar and the overhead beam designs. The size of the filter press is defined by the dimensions of the filter plate. We manufacture filter presses in sizes 250 x 250 to 2,600 x 2,600 mm and filtration pressures up to 60 bar.

Side-bar design

  • from simple manual to fully automated equipment designs
  • maximum degree of automation, also with extremely sticky filter cake
  • comparatively low structural weight

Overhead beam design

  • free access to the plate pack
  • special design for the chemical industry (maximum corrosion protection), also suitable for very aggressive media
  • robust structure for severe operating conditions

Plant design, engineering

Filter presses provide volume reduction of statically pre-thickened slurries of industrial or municipal origin that is both efficient and also makes sense economically. In addition to filter presses, ANDRITZ supplies a wide range of plant components or designs complete, customized systems. Stationary and mobile plants are available.


Maintaining a clean environment, production of food and beverages, and development of essential medicines require filters that separate solids from liquids. ANDRITZ offers filter presses for a wide variety of applications and industries, ranging from treatment of wastewater sludge and drinking water, the food and beverage industry, the chemical industry, pharmacy and mining, to paper production. Applications include:

  • chemicals and pigments
  • metallurgical products and ores
  • minerals and inorganic products, mining
  • industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
  • food and pharmaceuticals

Sidebar filter press

Hyperbaric disc filter - HBF

Hyperbaric filtration guarantees low residual moisture in combination with high throughputs. The continuous filtration process eliminates all the surge capacity equipment required in batch-type filtration systems.

Applying pressure differentials of about 6 bar on a disc filter provides low residual moisture in combination with the proven high throughputs associated with continuous filtration.

Hyperbaric filtration has been proven in a large number of plants operating worldwide (Europe, China, Brazil, Russia, USA, Australia, South Africa, India, and Chile).

Calculations taking account of the capital and operating costs prove the hyperbaric filter (HBF) to be a superior solution for mining applications in combination with high throughputs.

Advantages of hyperbaric filtration

  • Continuous system reduces cost for conveyors and other peripheral equipment (continuous cake transport).
  • Variable cake thickness selected by the operator provides highest flexibility.
  • Filter sectors are made of stainless steel to reduce wear.
  • Filter sectors can be changed quickly.
  • The disc filter provides a maximum filtration area at minimum cost and floor space (footprint).
  • Clear filtrate
  • Fully automated, continuous cake discharge in combination with pressure filtration
  • Highest throughputs in combination with low operational cost (EUR/t)
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