Peeler centrifuge HZ 125/3.2

Most comprehensive product range for chemical applications

The chemical and petrochemical industries require durable, safe, and efficient technology solutions which place unique demands on suppliers. Whether the application is for chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, coating pigments, or plant waste streams, ANDRITZ has the right products and solutions to improve production, efficiency, end product quality, and plant safety.

Peeler centrifuge HZ 125/3.2

Peeler centrifuge HZ 125/3.2

Krauss-Maffei HZ horizontal peeler centrifuge

Separation technology you can depend on

In the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries, our Krauss-Maffei horizontal peeler centrifuges have always excelled.

Krauss-Maffei horizontal peeler centrifuges

  • Reliable operation at high capacities
  • Low residual moisture contents achieved by high spin speeds
  • High flexibility to deal with changing process conditions

The centrifuge design with rotary siphon offers substantial advantages

  • Increased filtration capacity by generating a vacuum beneath the filter medium
  • High product purity by varying the contact time between the solids and wash liquor
  • Prolonged life of the residual heel due to regeneration by means of backwashing
  • Enhanced performance due to optimization of batch

Main applications

  • Amino acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Chlorides
  • Citric acid
  • Crop protection chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Starches
  • Sulfates
  • Sweeteners
  • Vitamins

Krauss-Maffei HZ Ph pharma peeler centrifuge

Pharmaceutical centrifuges proven from A to Z

Our peeler centrifuge for pharmaceutical applications is proven for products from A (for amines) to Z (for zinc bacitracin). Developed for the specific requirements of demanding applications in the pharmaceutical industry, our pharma centrifuge stands out due to its distinctive features.

Characteristics of pharmaceutical peeler centrifuges

  • Minimal product losses after discharge thanks to optimized peeler geometry
  • Clean room installation simplified by separating the process area from the drive components
  • Product contamination eliminated with 100% coverage of CIP fluids
  • Easy maintenance based on service-friendly construction
  • Low space requirement due to compact structural design

Special features

  • Designed for multi-product plants
  • CIP ability
  • 100% product discharge
  • Ideal for clean room installation

Main applications

  • APIs
  • Antibiotics
  • Liquid crystals
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Silver compounds
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Krauss-Maffei SZ pusher centrifuge

Continuous solid/liquid separation

Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuges ensure maximum operational availability with minimum maintenance and low space requirement in many solid/liquid separation processes. They are used in various industrial sectors, such as for bulk chemicals, in plastics processing, mining, the fiber industry, and food processing.

Krauss-Maffei SZ pusher centrifuges offer a lot of advantages

  • Increased performance due to high product quality achieved through proper selection of basket configuration, feed accelerator, and screens
  • Quick installation on resilient vibration dampers
  • Simple maintenance thanks to service-friendly design
  • Mechanical and hydraulic drives available for greater flexibility of operation

Main applications

  • ABS
  • Adipic acid
  • Ammonium sulfate
  • Borax, chlorides
  • Lithium compounds
  • POM
  • Potassium chloride
  • Salt
  • Soda
  • Sodium chlorate
  • Sulfates

A-series decanters

The optimum process centrifuge for almost any application

With more than 15,000 machines installed, ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of decanter centrifuges. The comprehensive product portfolio also comprises the product range acquired from Humboldt and Bird Machine. ANDRITZ can offer an optimum machine for almost all process applications (A-series) up to a diameter of 1.4 m. The robust design of the machines allows a service life of several decades.

Your benefits

  • Optimized scroll geometry for numerous applications
  • Process experience from a large number of reference installations
  • Made of stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium or nickel
  • Optimized wear protection for abrasive media
  • Solid and robust design for demanding operating conditions
  • Also suitable for gas-tight and pressurized operation
  • Heavy duty gearbox up to 120,000 nm
  • OEM service available worldwide

Decanter centrifuges

Solid-bowl decanter centrifuge – type A

The solid-bowl decanter is the basic, standard machine to separate solids and liquids. Typically applied for all kinds of plastic material (PVC, HDPE, PTA), but also for CaCO3, kaolin, drilling mud, tunnel drilling, and various residues.

Screen-bowl decanter centrifuge – type AS

Screen-bowl decanters discharge crystalline solids over the conical section. These are transported along a cylindrical screen section, where the solids are further dewatered – combining the steps of sedimentation and filtration in one machine. Where advantageous, the solids can be washed on the screen. Mainly applied for potash, fine coal, and BPA.

3-phase decanter

This machine is used when not only a solid is to be separated from the liquid, but when the liquid contains two phases of differing densities. Besides treatment of oil and fats, such machines are used to recover oil from tank cleaning operation (slop oil).

CENSORTM solids-sorting centrifuge – type AC

The CENSORTM centrifuge is used to selectively separate plastic fractions of differing densities. During the process, the product is washed using a minimal quantity of water. The resulting recycled products are then available for high-quality reuse.


Basket centrifuges

Screen scroll centrifuge – type AH

The screen scroll centrifuge is used to separate (and possibly wash) medium coarse particles (> 0.2 mm) like salt, coal, and potash. A scroll is used to transport the solids along the screen basket.

Vibrating screen centrifuge – type AES

The vibrating screen centrifuge is used to separate coarse particles (> 0.5 mm) like salt and coal. The transport of solids is assisted by vibrating the screen basket.


Typical applications

Plastics: PVC, HDPE, PTA, PBA, melamine

Anorganic chemicals: potash, salts, gypsum, soda

Ores and minerals: coal, CaCO3, kaolin, uranium, copper

Residues: drilling mud, tunnel drilling, slop oil, tailings

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    A-type decanter


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