Manufacturing in ANDRITZ Hydro China

ANDRITZ applies manufacturing standards of the highest level to fulfill customer requirements in terms of quality, cost and time, which achieved in Andritz by covering various process steps in the value chain from works planning, key-component manufacturing, in-house assembly, shipping, site erection, service support, etc.

Manufacturing in Andritz Hydro China consists of two manufacturing locations, Andritz Hydro Foshan and Andritz Hydro Chengdu

Manufacturing of a Francis runner / Repair of Pelton runner


Core competencies of ANDRITZ Hydro Foshan

  • Francis runners manufacturing
  • Center of welding technology (including digital welding)
  • Processing and grinding of hydraulic outlines
  • Quality inspection and assessment of hydraulic parts

Main products

  • Francis runner up to 120 tons
  • Pump impellers
  • Repair of hydraulic parts (Francis & Pelton runner, wicket gates, in-house & at site)

Manufacturing of runners and impellers

  • Manufacturing procedures (welding, grinding NDT, PWHT, machining, balancing packing)
  • Specified and dedicated welding/grinding machines
  • CNC turning, milling and boring machine with five axes
  • Heat treatment
  • Non-destructive material tests (PT, MT, UT)
  • 3D measurement (Laser tracker, Faro Arm)

Manufacture of Generator Stator bars


Turbine Distributor


Core competencies of ANDRITZ Hydro Chengdu

  • Manufacturing key mechanical components of hydro generation units
  • Manufacturing key electrical components of hydro generation units
  • Consulting, repairing and refurbishing old hydro generation units
  • Quality inspection (UT/MT/PT/DT) of total manufacturing processes
  • Quality management of hydro manufacturing business
  • Shop and site supervision and commissioning service

Main products

  • Main Inlet Valve (Spherical and butterfly valves)
  • Distributor for all kind of hydro turbines (Bulb, Kaplan, Francis, Pelton)
  • Bulb and Kaplan runners assembly
  • Pelton turbine nozzles assembly
  • Generator rotor poles (Solid/rectangular/trapezoid salient poles)
  • Generator stator bars (MicaTecTM R Insulation System /Resin Rich bars)
  • Generator stator assembly
  • Bulb nose and combined bearings assembly

Main manufacturing processes

  • Oxy-cutting, forming and rolling of steel plates
  • Fabricating and Welding of steel components
  • Heat treatment
  • All kinds of CNC machining (Turning, milling, boring, drilling, machine grinding etc.)
  • Shot blasting and painting
  • Non-destructive tests (PT, MT, UT)
  • Pole core stacking, coil brazing with induction heating
  • Stator stacking and winding including joint brazing with induction heating
  • Bar manufacturing line (Roebel line/Forming/Taping/Consolidation/Brazing/Curing presses)
  • Electrical tests and insulation material tests (Electric/Resistance/DSC/HV/Insulation/Rheometer)
  • Assembly, static balancing, and commissioning of large machinery up to 400 tons