ANDRITZ to supply largest pressurized refining system to China


International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Guangxi Guoxu Group Co., Ltd. to supply a pressurized refining system for their MDF production line in Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province.

This will be the largest system ever installed in China, with a capacity of 45 bdmt/h and including an S2064M refiner. Start-up of the equipment is scheduled for the end of 2020.

The proven ANDRITZ equipment will process 60% eucalyptus and 40% pine and hardwood as raw materials. Its state-of-the-art design ensures best fiber quality at very low energy demand. The ANDRITZ refiner supplied is characterized by its long-lasting and proven bearing design, with many successful references around the globe.

The exceptional technological solutions proposed by ANDRITZ as well as the well-established service availability of ANDRITZ in China, with a service and spare part hub located in Foshan, were key in awarding the order to ANDRITZ.

“This project aims at the high-end fiberboard market, which requires excellent fiber quality. ANDRITZ has a globally leading position in fiber preparation and a strong market share. In this project, ANDRITZ introduced the advanced concept of pulping and papermaking into fiber preparation, and we believe that it will take the industry to a higher level in fiber quality and energy savings. We hope to work closely with ANDRITZ to become the benchmark in the industry and provide society with high-end fiberboard products,” says Li Xiaobo, General Manager of the Gouxu Group. “ANDRITZ refiners have a high market share in the world’s wood-based panel industry. We trust in their technology, products and services,” adds Vice General Manager Li Yongqiang.

This order once more demonstrates ANDRITZ’s strong position in the Chinese panelboard industry, with more than 170 references.

The Guoxu Group, headquartered in Nanning, is one of the largest wood-based panel industry groups in China, integrating R&D, production and sales of wood-based panels, and operates seven production sites in China.


Group photo (from left to right): Hao Zhifeng, Senior Sales Manager, ANDRITZ; Li Yongqiang, Vice General Manager, Guoxu Group; Li Xiaobo, General Manager, Guoxu Group; Michael Rupp, Vice President Panelboard, ANDRITZ; Liang Jiepei, Vice General Manager, Guoxu Group; Chen Zhuo, Sales Manager, ANDRITZ